JH Wall Paints Launched an Eco-Friendly, Antibacterial Lime Wash Paint Collection That’s Exactly What 2020 Needed

Led by husband and wife team, Jeremy (a licensed painting contractor and skilled artisan) and Michele Harnish, JH Wall Paints’ eco-friendly and sustainable lime and mineral-based products were launched this year to elevate the aesthetics of our living spaces, while improving the air quality in our homes. When applied, it absorbs and removes harmful carbon dioxide from the air in the curing process, thus improving interior air quality.

Unlike JH Wall Paints, many other lime paints and washes use acrylic primer followed by lime paint and then an acrylic sealer, which defeats the organic, healthy nature of the lime paint that actually improves the air quality in your living space. Differently, JH Wall Paints’ primers, paints and sealers are not made with acrylic, chemical tints or dyes that release toxins into the air. Instead, they use only natural ingredients and earth pigment powders to create their offering of 66 hues. With a flat, matte finish, JH Wall Paints also completely detracts moisture, which means we don’t need to worry about fungus or bacteria build-up that other paints and chemicals do not protect against.

In today’s world, anything that promotes healthier living and well-being, we’re all for. From JH Wall Paints’ health benefits to the soothing texture the lime wash products add to our walls, we’re not surprised that in the months since it’s launched, it’s already become a go-to paint brand for notable interior designers, contractors and architects across Southern California (its home base) and beyond.