Why Adding an Outdoor Extension is the Best Home Design Investment You’ll Make This Year

Have you ever been thinking about more ways to maximize the value of your outdoor space? Whatever you personally have in your outdoor extension — a garden, a little communal space for the family, an outdoor kitchen, a play area for the kids — all that would mean nothing if you don’t protect it from extreme conditions.

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When we speak of designing outdoor spaces, the most important factors to consider are site, function and budget. As we go through adding design changes to our homes, we should start looking at them as investments. Treat your outdoor space as new-found square footage, and look for ways to maximize the value of that space. You know you’ve invested correctly when you actually want to live in it and use it year-round, and not just adore the way it looks. Go beyond just aesthetics and make comfort and function a top priority. Remember, even the most well-curated outdoor lounge or kitchen will remain underutilized unless you think of ways to make it comfortable and functional.

Outdoor spaces must be designed to withstand the elements. In terms of return of investment or property value, you definitely have to choose those that can protect your space from extreme conditions –rain, sun, extreme temperatures — otherwise your outdoor space will only be comfortable for a short while, but then you’re going to have to spend again and again on wear and tear.

StruXure pergolas offer protection and durability. The motorized pivoting louvers, which can be shifted at the touch of a button to let the warm sunshine through or to optimize shade, can be fully closed on rainy days. StruXure products are made from durable, powder-coated extruded aluminum, which makes them scratch-resistant, non-corrosive, and nearly maintenance-free. Pergolas can also serve as anchors, helping to define unique spaces within a larger, multi-purpose backyard design.

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At this time when all of us are encouraged to stay home and not in the usual public places, new home design investments such as ways to maximize our outdoor space has never been wiser. The coming months and the year 2021 will bring its own set of new design trends — but what won’t go out of style are priceless moments where you just want to sit down and enjoy the outdoors in style and comfort. The introduction of a StruXure pergola is not just an aesthetic statement. More than anything else, you’re investing in comfort, function, versatility — the most important things that actually make our homes a place like no other.

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